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Greetings from AVGCI-Multimedia Industry Training-Animation|Visual Effects|Gaming|Film Making.


Welcome to the exciting world of Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comic (AVGC) industry! From blockbuster movies to immersive video games, and from captivating animations to inspiring visual effects, AVGC has become an integral part of the entertainment and media landscape. According to industry reports, the AVGC market is projected to reach a staggering $405 billion by 2025, showcasing an annual growth rate of 9.5%. This flourishing industry is fuelled by the increased demand for captivating animations, visually stunning effects, and engaging gaming experiences across various platforms!


As discussed,we are pleased to educate and give awareness programmes to the students on following topics at Seminar/Workshop,webinar(online).

AVGCI-Topics Covered 

1) 3D Animation 

2) VFX

3) Game Art and Designing

4) UI/UX Design & Development

5) Broadcast Media

6) Digital Design Programme for Print and Publishing

7) Film Making

Please feel free to call for further any clarifications on above.

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Arunodaya Kumar G

Business Development Manager


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