FILM MAKING Training Institute

We turn your film making dreams into reality. Our comprehensive Film making courses, led by industry experts, provide practical skills and insights to create compelling films. 


Direction Courses

We understand the nuances of the craft and hence our team of professionals foster you to have an in-depth knowledge of screenwriting,


Acting Courses

At RIFTI we understand the importance of every facet, we dwell on polishing the acting skills, with the right professional guidance.

Photography Courses

Our Photography department being distinctive, harbours the best talent, priding itself with uniqueness of approaching the subject.

Editing Courses

We have specially curated a program which is synchronous balance of technical knowledge and developing creative edge.

Script Writing Courses

A script forms the backbone of a film and a well written script is half battle won when it comes to film making.


Why You should Enroll For this Course?

Do you dream of weaving captivating stories on the silver screen? Our Film Making Course is the launchpad for your cinematic aspirations, offering a comprehensive exploration of the art and craft of cinema.

Our course immerses you in the multifaceted world of filmmaking, encompassing screenplay writing, directing, and editing. Beyond the technical skills, we nurture your unique narrative voice, cultivating your innate creativity and originality.

Joining our Film Making Course is more than just learning; it’s entering a vibrant community of creators and industry insiders. With a broad understanding of the film industry and a strong skills foundation, you will be poised to script your success in filmmaking. Ready to manifest your cinematic visions? Begin this captivating journey with us today!

What You'll Learn

Job Profile Salary Job Profile Salary
15,000 ₹ to 75,000 ₹ per Month
15,000 ₹ to 75,000 ₹ per Month
15,000 ₹ to 75,000 ₹ per Month
Film Editor
15,000 ₹ to 75,000 ₹ per Month
Production Designer
15,000 ₹ to 75,000 ₹ per Month
Sound Designer
15,000 ₹ to 75,000 ₹ per Month

Skill Sets

Stand at the forefront of the Film Making revolution, turning the impossible into the unforgettable. Remember that the film industry is dynamic and ever-changing. Staying curious, adaptable, and open to learning new skills will be key to navigating this exciting field.