The fastest growing and Gen-z’s fav industry right now. There is something for everyone here, both creative and technical.

Building Your Career in the Creative Industry Has Never Been Easier.

At our Incubation, we give you the space to work, needed exposure, and connect with opportunities that help you scale your ideas to greater heights. Got an idea? Pitch it to us. Rest, we’ll get you covered.

Hire Office Space

All industries need creative people to bring ideas to life. With the right skills you could work anywhere, including space- and we offer that to you.

Access to Opportunities

We connect you with the right businesses, partners, mentors, investors, opportunities, people, team, and everything you need to grow your idea into a business.

Valuable Exposure

Our resources help you lead any idea reliant on AR/VR and new technologies to feed the demand for innovation- We are at the heart of innovation.

Plug and Play facility

We understand that your time and resources are precious. You can focus on running your business with our effortless and automated service.

Investor Connect

Our customized approach links you with possible investors who are interested in supporting unique ideas. Don't let funding hold your business back.

Startup Mentorship

Community of like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, personalized tools, networking opportunities, or professional guidance to help you succeed.