Step into the world of high-end VFX and Animation with expert-led training and hands-on projects at Technicolor Creative Studios Academy.

Courses Overview

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and here at AVGCI we have joined forces with Technicolor Studios to help you wing your dreams by providing you with the right resources and training to craft a remarkable career in VFX, Animation and Gaming.

About Technicolor creative Studios

Technicolor Creative Studios, with a legacy since 1915, is a global entertainment industry leader, known for its award-winning VFX services across film, TV, advertising, brand experience, and games. Home to the prestigious Technicolor Production House, the studios consistently deliver excellence and innovation, pushing the boundaries of visual effects and animation.


AVGCI Training Academy is known for its top-notch creative education, equipping students with the skills and direction to make them industry ready . They’re dedicated towards helping talent grow and creativity flourish, making many students successful leaders in their fields. The academy strongly believes in the power of education to turn dreams into real accomplishments.

The Power of Partnership

Now, imagine the possibilities when Technicolor’s industry excellence meets AVGCI’s unwavering dedication. Together, we cultivate an environment where students can channel their creativity into a rewarding career.

Here’s why enrolling in our courses is your ticket to a brighter future:

1. World-Class Training
  • Gain expertise matching global standards.
  • Master the latest technologies and trends.
  • Apply your skills in real-world projects.
2. Mentorship and Networking
  • Connect with industry professionals and mentors.
  • Receive guidance from the very best in the industry as you navigate your career path.
3. Hands-On Experience
  • Be a sought-after professional in your field.
  • Open doors to exciting job opportunities.

Choose your path to success and join us on this extraordinary journey. Discover how enrolling in our courses can shape a brighter future for you.

Who Can Enroll

  • Those who are new to the creative arts field and are eager to build a strong foundation in VFX, animation, and gaming..
  • Individuals who are passionate about VFX, animation, and gaming, and are in the early stages of their creative career..
  • Aspiring professionals who dream of contributing to global brands in the fields of VFX, animation, and gaming.
  • Individuals looking to enhance their portfolio and stand out among industry peers by gaining hands-on experience and industry-relevant skills.