Unity Development

Our objective is to provide students with a deep understanding of Unity and its
multifaceted development tools. From conceptualizing game ideas to publishing finished products, this course covers every step of the game development process. Graduates will emerge as skilled Unity developers, ready to tackle challenges in the
gaming industry or embark on independent game development projects.

Dive into the dynamic world of game development with AVGCI Academy’s Unity Development Course. This 8-month intensive program is meticulously designed to equip aspiring game developers, programmers,and designers with the expertise required to create compelling games and interactive content using Unity, one of the most versatile and widely-used game development engines in the industry

  • Unity Developer



Who Should Enroll:

  • Individuals looking to start a career in game development.
  • Programmers wanting to shift their focus to game design and development.
  • Game designers and artists seeking to enhance their technical skills.
  • Hobbyists interested in turning their game development passion into a profession.

Course Highlights:

  • Unity Fundamentals: Introduction to Unity’s interface, tools, and scripting languages,
    laying the groundwork for complex development tasks.
  • Scripting for Games: In-depth exploration of C# for Unity, enabling students to script
    game mechanics, character behaviors, and interactions.
  • Game Physics and Mechanics: Understanding the principles of physics in game
    development to create realistic movements and game dynamics.
  • Level and Environment Design: Techniques for designing engaging levels and
    beautiful game environments within Unity’s editor.
  • Animation and Character Control: Methods for animating characters and objects,
    including rigging and implementing character controls.
  • AI for Gameplay: Implementation of artificial intelligence to create challenging and
    intelligent non-player characters (NPCs).
  • Multiplatform Development: Strategies for developing games across different
    platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices.
  • Project Management and Collaboration: Skills for managing game development
    projects and collaborating effectively within a development team.
  • Capstone Project: A final project that challenges students to apply their accumulated
    skills to develop a fully functional game, demonstrating their readiness for the
    professional world.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Confidently navigate and utilize the Unity engine for game development.
  • Apply C# scripting to implement game mechanics, controls, and AI behaviors.
  • Design and construct immersive game levels and environments.
  • Develop games that are optimized for various platforms.
  • Lead or contribute to game development projects with a solid understanding of project
    management principles.