Finishing School – Animation

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Are you interested in learning the fundamentals of rigging courses and how to use Maya to create complex rigs for characters and vehicles?
Look no further than Rigging Course! The Rigging training Academy program is a great entry point for providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge to create professional quality rigs for Film, TV, and Games.

What You'll Learn

Course Highlights

  • Video tutorials that cover the basics of rigging courses and maya courses and how to use Maya training.
  • Assignments and tasks that give you hands-on experience with rigging techniques.
  • Tasks that allow you to apply what you have learned to more advanced projects.
  • Feedback from industry professionals to guide you during the course.

Why Choose Rigging Courses?

  • Gain hands-on experience using industry-standard tools and techniques while learning from experienced instructors who are experts in the field of rigging.
  • Build a portfolio of work that showcases your rigging skills and creativity.