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The Facial Animation for Games Partnership Program is crafted to equip students for the video game industry by imparting the latest studio techniques for creating high- quality facial animations at a production standard that exceeds expectations. Guided by instructional videos and comprehensive guides, students receive valuable feedback on their work from industry professionals. This ensures a dynamic learning experience that refines their skills and prepares them for the challenges of the gaming industry. Throughout the program, students will delve into the latest methods, techniques, and insider tips and tricks, enabling them to emerge industry-ready in the specialized field of Facial Animation for Games.

What You'll Learn

Course Highlights

  • Video tutorials comprehensively cover the spectrum from basics to the refinement of Facial Animation.
  • Students are equipped with the necessary tools to craft high-quality Facial Animation.
  • Applicants undergo training to grasp the core elements oof this exceptional skill.
  • Mastery of Facial Animation refinement is achieved to meet high-quality production standards

Why Choose Animation Foundations?

  • The Facial Animation Courses for Games Partnership Program is perfect for anyone looking to start their journey into the Games industry as an animation artist.

  • Our course is supported by trained industry professionals and instructors along with video tutorials and documents covering everything from facial basics to creating a solved facial animation file. With this comprehensive course, students will learn how to bring their Facial Animation game to an industry level.