Unity Designing

The Unity Design Course aims to empower students with the knowledge and skills to
design engaging game environments, characters, and mechanics using Unity. By
focusing on both the artistic and technical aspects of game design, this course ensures
that students are well-equipped to translate their visions into compelling game

Step into the realm of game design with AVGCI Academy’s Unity Design Course. This 3-month, fast-tracked program is specifically tailored for individuals aiming to master thefundamentals of game design using Unity, one of the most accessible and powerfulgame development engines available today. Whether you’re an aspiring game designer,an artist looking to expand into game development, or a hobbyist interested in creating your own games, this course is designed to turn your creative ideas into playable realities.

  • Unity Artist 



Who Should Enroll:

  • Aspiring game designers seeking to learn game design fundamentals.
  • Artists and creatives wanting to delve into game development.
  • Programmers looking to understand the design aspects of game creation.
  • Anyone with a passion for games and a desire to create their own.

Course Highlights:

  • Unity Basics: An introduction to the Unity interface, assets, and scene management, setting the foundation for game design.
  • Game Design Principles: Exploration of core game design concepts, including gameplay mechanics, level design, and player engagement.
  • Character and Environment Design: Techniques for designing and integrating characters and environments into Unity, emphasizing aesthetics and functionality.
  • Animation and Interaction: Basics of animating characters and objects within Unity, along with scripting simple interactions to bring the game to life.
  • UI/UX Design for Games: Designing user interfaces and experiences, focusing on usability, aesthetics, and player feedback.
  • Prototyping and Testing: Rapidly prototyping game ideas and learning how to test and iterate on designs to improve gameplay.
  • Publishing and Sharing: An overview of the steps needed to publish and share games created in Unity, including best practices for showcasing work.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to
  • Navigate and utilize Unity for game design projects.
  • Apply fundamental game design principles to create engaging and balanced games.
  • Design, animate, and integrate characters and environments into a game.
  •  Create intuitive UI/UX designs tailored for games.
  • Prototype, test, and iterate on game designs effectively.
  • Understand the basics of publishing and sharing games with others.