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Training curriculum designed and trusted by the top Studios and Companies- Develop real world skills by getting trained directly from Studios and Companies; Be among the top 1% Graduate pool by flaunting in-demand technology and tools knowledge to get hired for your dream job in Animation, VFX, and Gaming industries.


For all those creative and curious minds who love making visuals realistic and imagine big- We got you covered.

5 Courses


Ace the 2-D Animation segment like a pro. Bringing you the best of in-demand techniques in Animation.

5 Courses


Everything Animation- The ultimate and kickstarter to get a job as a 3-DAnimator in the industry.

5 Courses


The fastest-growing and Gen-z fav industry right now. There is something for everyone here, both creative and technical.

3 Courses


Love Cinema? This most magical artform requires artists with all sorts of skills- right from light setting to Production Management.

2 Courses


Level up your Production Management skills with our expert-led course. Learn to lead teams to success and confidently tackle challenges.

1 Courses

In-Demand Specialisations


Makes you an in-demand in no time -The single important technique for an entry job in VFX.


Teaching you digital painting - one frame at a time! A peek into the advanced techniques that goes in VFX Paint.


The top-pick of all our mentors here at AVGCI- helps you in creating master visual elements.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the match move technique to integrate stunning visual elements to live action footage.

3D Assets

Everything Animation-The ultimate and kickstarter to get a job as an Animator in the industry.

Virtual production

The holy grail in Production - Your future self will thank you for choosing this
course now.