VFX rotoscopy is a vital process within the VFX field. Whether you need to remove elements from a live-action footage or add elements to it, rotoscopy is the technique required to do it. At AVGCI, we offer world-class live projects that give you holistic exposure on how to hone your skills in Rotoscopy; how advanced techniques are employed; and how to start your career in the VFX industry through Rotoscopy as a skill.

What will I learn?

  • Know what, when and how to do proper rotoscoping
  • Know how to use After Effects and Mocha AE for rotoscoping live-action shots
  • Apply basic and advanced techniques in rotoscoping
  • Build confidence by building your first Rotoscopy project under the training of Industry professionals

Course Includes

  • Job-oriented, industry centric curriculum
  • Hands-on practical training using latest tools and software
  • Certified faculty
  • Exposure to industry interaction and workshops
  • Placement assistance

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  • LevelAll Levels
  • Duration15 hours 20 minutes
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