Unlock the Magic of Animation
Discover the Art of 2D Animation

If you want to learn the art of bringing characters to life, you've come to the right place. Our 2D animation course is designed to help you master the skills to create captivating animations that will mesmerise your audience.

You will begin with a rewind of animation fundamentals, including movement principles, timing, and spacing. Course to learn the industry professional's tools and techniques to create stunning animations that grab the viewer's attention.

We will help you create and animate characters using various methods and explore different animation styles, from hand-drawn to digital, along with the teachings on creating dynamic movements that bring your characters to life.

You will have access to work on complex projects throughout the course by utilizing your newfound skills. Our team will help you with feedback and grow towards a professional career.

  • Importance of pacing and rhythm in animation and how to use them effectively.
  • How to create special effects, such as explosions, smoke, and fire, using various techniques.
  • Basics of rigging and how to use it to animate characters more easily.
  • The process of creating animatics is a rough version of an animated sequence that is used as a blueprint for the final animation.
  • Different approaches to character animation, such as personality-driven animation and action-based animation.
  • Techniques for creating believable and compelling 2D animations include conveying emotion and a character's personality through their movements.

Why specialize in 2D Animation?

2D animation is a vibrant and growing field that offers many opportunities for creative professionals to showcase their skills and pursue rewarding careers.

Growing Demand

The demand for skilled 2D animators is on the rise, driven by the increasing popularity of animation in film, television, video games, and digital media. Employment of multimedia artists and animators is projected to grow by 4% by 2026.

High Salaries

Skilled 2D animators can command high salaries in the industry. The average salary for a 2D animator in India is around 50k per month, with top earners making over 1L per month.


Specializing in 2D animation allows you to develop unique skills that can set you apart from other professionals in the industry. It also lets you focus on an area of interest, such as character animation, special effects, or background design.

Career Opportunities

Working for animation studios, game development companies, advertising agencies, and post-production houses and enables you to pursue freelance work, creating animations for clients across various industries.

Professional Development

Pursuing a 2D animation course allows you to develop your skills and knowledge in the field, learn from experienced professionals and work on real-world projects ensuring that you are always at the field's cutting edge.

Industry-Standard Software

Our 2D animation course teaches you how to use industry-standard software such as Adobe Animate, which is used by professionals in the animation industry. It helps you prepare to enter the workforce and work on real-world projects.

Unlock the Door to Your Dream Job

In our journey with a student, we ensure they get access to the best job opportunities in the industry and top-notch 2D animation skills. Upon completing our 2D animation course, students are welcomed into our placement assistance program, where our dedicated team works tirelessly to help them take the next step in their careers.

We have built a strong placement assistance program where students can access exclusive job opportunities. Additionally, we help students prepare for interviews, refine their resumes, and even arrange mock interviews to ensure they are well-prepared and confident.

What Our Alumni Say?

  • Instructors were amazing and really helped me refine my techniques. And I was able to work on some really exciting projects, including creating animations for a popular video game.
  • Course covered everything from character design to lip-syncing. These skills helped me build a great portfolio to attract potential employers.
  • Learning about industry standard software like adobe animate enabled me to create stunning animations. In the end, I could land some major projects. Thanks to AVGCI.

By the end of this course, get a comprehensive understanding of 2D animation techniques and software and the skills and confidence to pursue a career in the animation industry.

  • Understanding the history and evolution of 2D animation
  • Basic principles of animation, including timing, spacing, and weight
  • Overview of different animation techniques, including hand-drawn, cut-out, and digital
  • Principles of character design, including anatomy, proportions, and gesture
  • Developing a character's personality and backstory
  • Sketching and refining character designs using traditional and digital techniques
  • Importance of storyboarding in the animation process
  • Creating effective storyboards, including shot composition and camera angles
  • Translating a script into a visual story using traditional and digital tools
  • Understanding different animation techniques, including frame-by-frame, keyframe, and tweening
  • Applying the principles of animation to create fluid and believable motion
  • Using industry-standard software like Adobe Animate to create animations
  • Techniques for creating lip syncing that matches dialogue
  • Overview of sound design principles, including foley, music, and sound effects
  • Syncing sound to animation using industry-standard software
  • Overview of project management principles, including timelines, budgets, and workflow
  • Collaboration and communication skills in a team environment
  • Preparing and presenting final projects to clients or stakeholders

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